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Our suite of HIPAA compliant real-time medical telepresence solutions offers the flexibility, scalability and mobility needed to help improve the access to and the quality of care delivered anywhere at any time.


The ability to collaborate, share knowledge and resolve issues quickly, efficiently and effectively has become paramount and a necessity to thrive in a hyper-competitive world.


Aliquis Telepresence (a Division of Hodei Technology)
is solely focused on the needs of the Animal Health Industry.

Accelerate learning and knowledge application by omitting patient risk of error by providing remote expert mentoring and oversight.

Dental X-Ray Mentoring Demo

Sonogram Oversight Demo


H.B. Fuller
Hodei’s lightweight and simple-to-use software and hardware solution with Glass was exactly what H.B. Fuller needed to overhaul its customer service.

“Hodei’s solution for Glass enables H.B. Fuller’s employees to focus on the task at hand, rather than technology in their hand,” explained Jason Sagstetter, Senior Project Manager H.B. Fuller. “Since implementing the Hodei and Glass telepresence system, we’ve improved customer service processes, increased productivity, and cut costs, all while keeping safety at the forefront.”

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By allowing experts to be virtually omnipresent through Hodei’s telepresence capabilities leveraging Glass, and by providing access to all the necessary troubleshooting materials on a wearable device, H.B. Fuller employees and customers are able to resolve issues in real time. This allows the company to make better use of its existing resources, work more safely, and ultimately save time and money.

United States Marine Corps
GEMINI tested for use in training Marines in Basic Combative Lifesaving Skills

The United States Marine Corps evaluated Hodei Technology’s GEMINI telepresence solution for training Marines on basic Combat Lifesaver Course skills.  Watch the video to learn more about their experience and how GEMINI helped improve the knowledge acquisition and skill application process.

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Marine Corps tested GEMINI to see if its integration into their training process would improve learning outcomes – watch the video to see and hear their firsthand experience.

University of Saskatchewan

Determinants of health are influenced by political, social, and economic conditions; those circumstances often lead to health care inequalities. The World Health Organization identifies healthcare access as a key determinant of health due to the profound impact it’s absence can have on health outcomes. This is especially relevant to vulnerable populations living in remote areas of the Canadian North.

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We have partnered with Hodei Technology to use its innovative HCview GEMINI solution featuring Glass Enterprise Edition to improve access to health care in remote northern communities of the Canadian Province of Saskatchewan. We are currently testing the use of Glass to deliver real time medical expertise to these communities.

Our initial experience using Glass Enterprise Edition in primary and specialized health care delivery is very promising as the platform is user friendly, provides stable connectivity and has so far great acceptance by health care providers and patients. We are convinced that point-of-care diagnosis and treatment will be transformative in the delivery of health care in general but will be vital for remote, underserviced populations with limited access to health care. Ultimately, technologies such as HCview GEMINI with Glass Enterprise Edition will help to narrow the gap of inequality in health care delivery at a global level.

Dr. Ivar Mendez is the Fred H. Wigmore Professor and Unified Head of the Department of Surgery at the University of Saskatchewan and Saskatoon Health Region. As a world-renowned expert in neurosurgery, stem cells and robotics, Dr. Ivar Mendez is a pioneer in the fields of brain repair and telemedicine.

Watch GEMINI in use in the
Province of Saskatchewan