Experts POV™ is broadcasted

IKASI, featuring multi-feed, first-person POV technology, was designed to provide a highly mobile, SECURE, real-time, two-way audiovisual, multi-participant platform for remote coaching, mentoring and training.



Remote expert support on demand

Your POV live streamed to experts for superior understanding of the situation so they provide real-time guidance and direction.

Learn from the exact perspective needed for effective and accurate recall

Foster greater comprehension and relevance of learning experience


Improve knowledge acquisition by up to 400%

Enhance both short-term and long-term working memory

  • Virtual Training Environment

    A virtual preceptorship anytime. Let your customers or employees learn by seeing from the first-hand perspective of the client.

  • First-person POV

    Regardless of the skill being taught, we deliver the exact point-of-view so that the remote participants feel they are looking over the expert’s shoulder.

  • Global Reach

    The world at your fingertips! Viewers around the globe can securely participate in a high-quality learning experience.

  • Create Value

    Do more with your valuable KOLs and employees. Let them virtually oversee or direct training or live events anytime – anywhere. They are worth more to you being productive versus sitting in airports.

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